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Food Policy Networks Announces 2017 Photo Contest Winners

The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF) Food Policy Networks (FPN) project is pleased to announce the winners of our third annual food policy photo contest.


A depiction of an interesting or clever way to communicate to legislators, decision makers, or the public about food policy change.

1st place: Brian Oh, DC Greens – 2017 Grocery Walk for Food Justice in DC

2nd place: Renato Castelo, Everett Community Growers – Engaging Everett Residents in Planning for Open Space and Recreation

3rd place: Davida Andelman, Dorchester Food Co-op – Dorchester Dancing Veggies!


An image demonstrating a funny or amusing situation in your food policy work.

1st place: Ali Mendelson, Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council – Junior Soil Safety Inspector

2nd place: Sarah Galligan, Colorado Food Policy Network | UpRoot Colorado – Flying Cabbage

3rd place: Emily Axelbaum, City Schoolyard Garden – It’s Not Easy Being Collard Greens!

Honorable mention: Jill Egland, Kern Food Policy Council – Free Fruit with Gas Fill-up


An illustration of the moments of joy and appreciation encountered when changing the food system in your community.

1st place: Jennifer Horan, United Way of New York City – The Best Tomato of Her Life!

2nd place: Ali Mendelson, Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council – Garden of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection

3rd place: Kendra Gibson, Lake County Community Food Council –  Exploration